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High Clerist Tower "Battlesystem" scenario

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I've been working on a small side project instead of finishing up the Adlatum Bestiary (sorry Carteeg.) I recently picked up a copy of One Bad Egg's Hard Boiled Ideas: Armies. I always loved the original AD&D Battlesystem rules and never found a set for 3E I really liked. OBE's Armies blew me away with its simplicity and the ease with which it just fits. It makes running large scale battles so easy its ridiculous.

I've spent the last few days designing a map in Dundjinni to accuratly represent the HCT on a square grid. I thnk Its almost done.

 Now its time to start building the armies. Thank god for Asmor's Monster Maker. . .


DL Nexus Adlatum work

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Have been working a bit on a conversion of the Dragonlance Nexus' Adlatum Sourcebook to 4E. I'm starting with the bestiary. A few critters are already done and can be found in the Library in the Rules section. Putting off doing the drakes mainly because there are so many of them. . . ugh.

Last Updated on Monday, 27 April 2009 13:34


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